Central Kentucky Family Law Attorneys

Family law is an emotional roller coaster. The close bonds we form with people can create a feeling of paralysis when things go wrong. Loving couples may wish to form a family, but find the regulatory process complex and overwhelming. A good family law attorney must not only be skilled in the applicable laws, but should be a caring individual that is able to console you during an emotional time. We understand that each family is unique, and the trials that test all families must be met with a steady hand.

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The decision to end a marriage is inherently difficult. Kentucky is a "no-fault" divorce state, meaning the only requirement to dissolve a marriage is a determination that the marriage is "irretrievably broken." Because the law views a married couple as one entity, property that is owned by the couple must be divided equitably. Some people do not realize just how much property is shared, for example, did you know you may have a right to portions of your spouse's retirement package? It is important to obtain an experienced attorney that can guide you through the divorce process and ensure that your property rights are adequately protected.

Child Support and Custody

Divorces can be made even more complicated when minor children are involved. Both parents understand the need to put on a good act for the sake of their children, but the deep bond between parent and child can strain the dual roles of appearing strong while also ensuring the best interests of the children are met. As children grow their needs can change, and previous court orders may no longer adequately address the needs and desires of the child. Our attorneys are able to consult with you about your parental rights and help you ensure that your children receive the resources they need to grow into successful adults.



Creating a family involves its own set of challenges. Loving couples may decide that adoption is a good mechanism to make their families complete. However, because the state has a vested interest in ensuring the needs of children are met, the adoption process can be incredibly complex and expensive. Some adoption agencies provide lengthy contracts that must be reviewed meticulously for unfair terms designed to take advantage of the natural desire to become a parent. The process of terminating biological parental rights and creating adoptive parental rights can also present emotional challenges. Few cases bring more joy to our attorneys than those in which all parties win, and adoptions are cases where all parties can leave court feeling accomplished and complete.