Declarations, a New Estate Planning Tool

Everyone understands the importance of a Last Will and Testament. However, many people do not have a Will and even fewer remember to update the one they have. There are other documents that provide instructions to our loved ones that many people do not realize exist. These include Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and a brand new document known as a “Declaration."

Living Wills provide healthcare instructions in the event of a serious, but nonlethal, medical emergency. If you find it difficult to decide what your doctors should do in the event you cannot respond, is it fair to leave that decision to your family? Durable Powers of Attorney give family members the authority to protect and carry out your financial obligations. “Declarations,” a new document enacted by the 2016 General Assembly, contain burial or cremation instructions. Declarations can be given directly to your chosen funeral home and they will carry out your final wishes without placing additional stress on family members during an already difficult time.

The New Year does provide opportunities for hope and progress. The attorneys at Barsotti & Manley, PLLC, can help you cross proper estate planning off your list, and give you the peace of mind you deserve while you work on those New Year's resolutions.